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Welcome to our website! The project is a big catalogue and rating of all websites you could ever see online. It’s about 75,000 sites or more than 200 categories and subcategories in numbers! Here you will find the best websites and make sure what place they take as in the category itself, so in the whole world or particular regions. Besides, they all are provided with dynamic changes of site rating per week.

In order to simplify your search, we render different categories and subcategories that are shown according to their Internet popularity. For this reason, ‘Entertainment’, ‘Education’, and ‘Games’ are in the lead. Another aspect of website categorization is presented by geo or regionality, meaning that top websites for each category differ according to their popularity locally. For instance, you can find out the top for ‘Movies’ in India, as well as ‘Sport Streaming’ in the U.S.

Trying to be as client-oriented as possible, we offer the most popular and recommended sites in addition to ratings. These are they that represent services and the whole tops with similar topics. Every user has an opportunity to install settings as he wants – which categories are of high importance or interest and which should be shown at the end of the list. Just make use of a ‘star’ option and point out the most interesting services or delete them with the help of a ‘cross’. This way, everyone can customize the set of demonstrated subcategories.

All websites in our catalogue dispose their own profiles where you can see their world’s rating, rating in the region of a viewer, description, mark of a visitor, the most popular similar resources, site rating in different regions, and dynamics of changes. To add to it, you can as look through reviews and leave them yourself, so estimate their usefulness.

Make your Internet surfing as convenient as possible due to our RatRating Chrome extension! It’s easily installed in your browser in order to give information about a website, its rating, theme, and other services with a similar topic.

Thus, RatRating is the project that lets you get a lot of new and helpful information about a huge world of Internet sites by using it more effectively and successfully!