Information about Us

The speed of a contemporary life increases continually. The global network Internet and gadgets changed our life once and for all.

The number of Internet users grows every year, and today it amounts to more than 3.5 billion people. The network develops itself. There are more than 100 thousands websites appearing every day, while their total number exceeded the figure in 1 billion. So, the Internet is a world that exists in parallel with our reality.

Many people have merged with this virtual world so harmoniously that they can’t imagine their life without it. Communication, new friends, needed information, purchases, entertainment, business, education, work, earnings – that is not a full list of those possibilities which are provided by the Internet. And every day the network becomes better, more convenient, helpful, and informational!

The project was created to understand and orientate oneself in this boundless world, which the global network represents. What is about?

The directory is about websites and the following features:

  • Which sites and network resources are the most popular and top;
  • Which websites develop dynamically and progress, and which of them were popular at first, but now lose their positions;
  • Which startups may be seen among leaders in the nearest time and which aren’t destined to develop;
  • Which theme groups enjoy wide popularity among network users and don’t lose it;
  • In which regions the Internet develops more actively (the number of users grows, new resources appear) and in which this development is slowed down.

Also, there are a lot of details about websites, including technical data (attendance, behavioral factors, and traffic structure) and different ratings.

The mission of is to become a manual, a directory, or a guidebook on sites for those who are interested in this topic: from users, who look for the required information, to specialists, who need it for a work.

We hope that the project RatRating will allow uniting people who are keen on the Internet and would like to make information about Internet websites accessible, helpful, and topical to the maximum.