Agreement on Cookie File Use

The Internet site (hereinafter referred to as ‘Website’) uses cookie files and similar technologies to guarantee a maximum comfort for users (hereinafter referred to as ‘Users’), providing personalized information, remembering preferences in the sphere of marketing and Website content, and also helping the User to get the necessary information. While using this Site, you confirm your consent on use of cookie files according to the present notification regarding this type of files. If you do not agree so that we use this type of files, you must fix settings of your browser in the corresponding way or do not use the Website.

The following Agreement refers to Site’s rules regarding personal information provided by Users to Site administration.


This Agreement applies to Website’s application of the information got from Users. This document also contains data about cookie files, their usage by the Site and third parties, and also how you can refuse this type of files.


While viewing any Site’s page, the page itself, and a small text file called ‘cookie’ are downloaded to your computer. Many websites use these files as cookies allow making lots of helpful things. For example, site owners can determine whether the definite computer (and its User possibly) was at this website before thanks to these files. It happens during the recurrent site visit with the help of check of User’s computer on availability of cookie file left from the last visit.

Information that we get by means of cookie files helps us to provide you with services in the most convenient way for you and also may assist us to get a conception of our readers. For example, if while opening the Site you visited some section, we can know about it the next time from cookie and select articles from this section for your consecutive Site visit.


A cookie file presents itself a small amount of data among which there is often a unique anonymous identifier contained, being sent to your browser from Site’s computer and saved on a hard disk of your computer. Every site may send its cookie files to your computer if your browser settings allow this. At the same time, your browser opens access only to your own cookies for websites (to save confidentiality of your data) but does not allow them to use these cookie files left by other sites.

Cookie files contain information about your preference on the Internet. Users can set their computers so that they receive all cookie files automatically or warn every time when a website tries to record its cookie on User’s hard disk or does not accept any cookie files at all. The last variant means that some personal services cannot be rendered to Users and also that Users chose these settings cannot get access to all Site sections.

Every browser is unique; so, turn to ‘Help’ function of your browser to know how to adjust work with cookie files.

If you have set your computer on full prohibition of cookie files, you can continue using the Website anonymously till you decide to employ one of its services.

Cookie files are widely used by site owners to provide their operation or increase work efficacy and also get analytical information.

The Website and service providers can use different types of cookie files on their Internet resources:

Strictly needed cookie files. They are necessary so that the Site works correctly. They allow Users to shift at the Website and use its opportunities. These files do not identify the User as a personality. If the User does not agree to employ this type of files, it may influence Site efficacy or its components.

Cookie files referring to productivity, efficacy, and analytics. These files help us to understand how Users interact with the Website by providing information about those spheres they have visited and amount of time they spent at the Website. Also, they show problems in work of the Internet resource, for examples, messages about mistakes. It assists in improving Site work. Cookie files referring to analytics also help us to measure efficacy of advertising campaigns and optimize Site contents for those who are interested in our advertisement. This type of cookie files cannot be used for your identification. All information that is collected and analyzed is absolutely anonymous.

Functional cookie files. These cookie files serve to identify Users returning at the Website. They allow selecting Site contents for Users individually. If the User blocks this type of files, it may influence Website productivity and functionality, and limit access to Site content.

Advertising cookie files. In the files, materials about User actions on the Internet are recorded, including visits of sites and pages, and also data about links and advertisement that Users chose for viewing. One of the aims is to reflect that content on websites which is mostly oriented towards the User. Another aim is to give an opportunity to provide advertising or other information in the most accurate accordance with User’s interests.


Cookie files are used for different aims, including:

To ease the process of getting information about Site visits by Users to us and third parties.

To analyze information about page visits by Users to improve the Website.

To provide advertisements, messages, and content created by us and third parties at this Website and sites of other persons, taking into account User’s interests.

To help the User in getting the necessary information.

To determine the amount of Users and how they use our Site – to increase Site efficacy and better understanding of audience’s interests.


Some cookie files operate from the moment of your Site opening up to the end of this concrete working session in a browser. While closing a browser, these files become unnecessary and are deleted automatically. Such cookie files are called ‘session’.

Some cookie files are saved on device, and they are not deleted upon the browser closure in interval between working sessions in a browser. Such cookie files are called ‘permanent’. Their retention period on device varies for different cookie files. Other companies and we use permanent cookie files for diverse purposes: for example, to determine how often you visit our Sites or how often you return to them, how the way of Site use is changed with time, and also for estimation of advertisement efficacy.

Cookie files may be placed on your device by Site administration. They are called ‘personal’. Some cookie files might be placed on your device by other operators. Such cookies are called files of ‘third parties’.

Third parties and we can use cookie files to know when you visit the Site and how you interact with the content. Generalized and other information not connected with identification of separate users (for example, about an operating system, browser version and URL address from which transfer to this page is made, including electronic mail or advertisement) may be collected and used on the basis of cookie files. Thanks to it, we can provide you with wider opportunities and analyze directions of Site visits. This technology allows counting the number of Users that have visited the concrete section by following the link from the definite banner outside this site, the text link or images included in mailing. What is more, it serves as an instrument to collect generalized statistics about Site use with the purpose of analytical research and helps to optimize our Sites, offer advertisement according to your interest as it is described below in detail.


We together with third parties, including technological partners and service providers, participate in advertising activity orientated towards Users’ interests by providing advertisement and personalized content that, in view of us and other advertisers, will be of interest for you. Exterior providers use cookie files while realizing services for us or other companies; in these cases, we do not control the use of stated technology or information received at this and do not bear responsibility for any actions or policy of third parties.

Advertisement may be offered to you in accordance with the character of your activity on the Internet or while using mobile devices, and also in conformity with your actions during search, your clicks at one of our advertisement or electronic mails, pages visited by you, your geographical region or other information. Such advertisements may appear at our Website or sites of third parties. Technological partners, with whom we cooperate and who help us to run advertising campaigns in accordance with your interests, might be participants of self-regulated associations. At this Website, you can also see advertisements of third parties depending on pages you visit, actions you take at our Website and others.


We use software to determine the number of Users visiting our Website and its regularity. We do not use programmes for collecting personal data or IP addresses of separate persons. Data are used only anonymously in a free form with statistical purposes and also for developing a Website.

We do not create an individual profile of your Internet actions. Contents of permanent cookie files are limited by an identification number. A name, an address of your electronic mail, IP address, etc. are not saved.

There is an exception: cookie files of Google Analytics.

Cookie files of Google Analytics can be used in a small amount. These cookies use IP address to recognize the User, though they do not provide a personal identification. In other words, information is gathered anonymously. Cookie files collect information how Users employ the Website, then these data are used to compose reports and help us to develop the Site.

You can refuse to use cookie files of Google Analytics to track your activity at all websites as an alternative by following this link:

Google Analytics Opt-out Browser Add-on (


Instruments of Information Exchange

Buttons of information exchange are used at the Website, allowing the Users making bookmarks on the page and sharing its content in any favorite social networks. Pressing one of these buttons, social media chosen by you to exchange data may create a cookie file. The Site does not control the use of these cookie files, that is why you should turn to a website of the corresponding third party for additional information.

Cookie Files of Third Parties in Inserted Content

Pay attention: as you can notice, cookie files not referring to the Site are created during visits of some pages of our Websites. While using pages with content, for example, inserted from websites YouTube or Vimeo, these service providers can create their own cookie files in your browser. The Website does not control the use of cookie files and cannot get access to them in view of peculiarities of their work – only the party that has created them initially has access to them. Search for detailed information about these cookie files at websites of third parties.

Web Beacons

We use analytical web services, for example, Yandex.Metrica, Google Anlytics, which help us to understand how people use our Websites and so provide their relevance, usage convenience, and actuality of information filling. These services use such technologies of data collection as web beacons. They are small electronic images which place cookie files, count a number of visits, and estimate parameters of use and efficacy of Website use. In their turn, these data help us to understand which information is interesting for visitors of our Sites and provide you with individualized filling of our Websites. Web beacons are anonymous; they neither contain nor collect information, identifying you.

Information is anonymous and is used exclusively for statistical purposes. Data of web analytics and cookie files are impossible to use for identifying your personality since they never contain personal information, including your name or electronic address.


You can use our Website without cookie files. You can turn off saving of cookie files, limit their creation by concrete websites, or set notifications about cookie file sending in your browser. You can also delete them from a hard disk of your personal computer at any time (file: ‘cookies’). Pay attention: in this case, page display and site use manual will be limited.

The majority of browsers allow controlling most cookie files through the browser settings in a way.

Not all Users of our Website employ web browsers. For example, some of them get access to websites or DHL applications from mobile devices. In this case, switching-off of cookie file or web browser setting changes will probably be impossible.

Visit the page to refuse to track your activity at all sites with the help of Google Analytics: Google Analytics Opt-out Browser Add-on (

The majority of Internet browsers are initially set to assume cookie automatically. The User can change settings so that a browser blocks cookies or warns which files of this type will be sent to device. There are several ways of cookie management. Please, appeal to browser manual to know more how to correct or change browser settings.

If to turn off cookie, it might influence work of the User on the Internet. If the User employs different devices to view and get access to the Website (for example, computer, smartphone, tablet, etc.), he should make sure that every browser on every device is set according to preferences on work with cookie files.