Archive.org Downloader – Your Personal Digital Library!


  The archive.org downloader presents itself a digital library of diverse Internet websites and other kinds of artifacts in a digital form. Like a habitual library, it provides access to knowledge but in a more comprehensive manner: books, texts, web pages, audio records, images, videos, and even software programs that are available for downloads. Thus, everyone with a free account is able to receive various media files and archives to combine their own collections or materials. With 20+ years of web history, the service can scan about 1,000 books a day and offer them via the downloader. That’s why it’s used by 98 million people that look through more than 7 full pages and spend about 4.24 minutes within 1 visit. These amazing numbers confirm that archive.org is a true discovery, which is worth analyzing! Let’s begin.

  In the first place, it offers a top collection of the archive.org downloader that includes live music, community media, Canadian libraries, net labels, feature films, and other categories. Secondly, it divides all data into several sections for convenience: texts, video, audio, image, and software. This way, you can narrow the search by opening the corresponding section at once.

  Besides, the archive.org downloader disposes of its own blog with cute articles, trends, and intriguing topics. In section with projects, everybody can get to know with archive projects such as scanning services or political TV ad archive.

  If you feel difficulty in looking for some definite materials, you can always get help since the service renders detailed answers on frequently asked questions.  Turn to these guides in order to save your time! Those users who would like to become a part of this big project are able to apply for the position of a volunteer and get a cute team sweatshirt. Follow the portal announcements to be aware of the latest events and updates. It’s possible with the help of the service itself, as well as its Twitter and Facebook versions.