Indian Entertainment Internet Market Research


  1. Site Popularity Rating in India

  The analyzed category ‘Entertainment’ takes the 2nd place according to its traffic in the market of Indian Internet sites. It’s about 12% in percentage terms and more than 1,500 billion users a month – in absolute terms! Popularity of the category ‘Entertainment’ is determined in many ways by extremely visited website youtube.com included in it that attracts more than 70% of the whole category audience.

  The leader in the region India is the category ‘Internet Services’. About 21% of all web users use it. It’s easy to explain because this category contains all search engines, including google.com.

  Other categories, which are popular in Indian web space, are:

  - Computer Software (more than 6.5% users);

  - Communication (more than 5.9% users);

  - Education (more than 5.5% users);

  - Finances (more than 5.3% users);

  - Reference (more than 5.2% users);

  - News (more than 4.6% users).

  Among less popular categories in India, we can mention Games, Computers & Accessories, Culture, Autos & Vehicles, and Gambling.


Site Popularity Rating in India


  2. Distribution of Site Traffic in the Category ‘Entertainment’

  The analysis of site traffic distribution in the category ‘Entertainment’ was carried out in drawing of 1,094 websites. As a result, we can establish the following:

  - 95% of all traffic accounts for 33 top high-traffic sites. This group includes websites with traffic more than 800 thousand users a month. As we have already mentioned above, an absolute leader by traffic is the site youtube.com. We can also note a high popularity of the following entertainment sites in India: bilibili.com, fandom.com, iqiyi.com, dailymotion.com, vimeo.com, nicovideo.jp.

  - 4.5% of visits come from the following 400 middle-traffic sites. A visit range for this group of websites lies within the limits from 35 to 800 thousand visitors a month, accordingly.

  - And the last, the biggest group consists of 661 sites with rather low traffic. Only about 0.5% of all traffic in the category ‘Entertainment’ accounts for the share of this site group. Its traffic is within the range of 1-35 thousand visitors per month.

  The carried-out research shows that the Internet space is strongly differentiated according to site traffic. Thus, 95% of traffic comes from 33 websites in the examined category ‘Entertainment’ that amounts to just over 3%.


  3. Popularity Analysis of Categories Included in the Topic ‘Entertainment’

  There is an evident leader among subcategories in the section ‘Entertainment’, attracting more than 87% visitors. It’s the subcategory ‘Video Tubes’ that includes categorized video hosting services and different videos with entertainment content. Among the most visited sites, we can distinguish, first of all, youtube.com – the world’s portal with functions of video storage, display, and distribution. Popular websites also include: a French resource dailymotion.com that takes 114th place in the world among the most visited sites; googlevideo.com – a convenient search engine of videos by name, type, duration, and other parameters; myvideotime.com – to watch funny videos, animation, and cartoons; vidoza.net – a free European video hosting with an own video player; giphy.com, known as online base and a search engine to select animated GIF files. Popularity as of the category ‘Video Tubes’, so these sites in particular is explained by a convenient interface, approximately the same set of functions (video search and viewing), and, of course, entertainment directivity of the content itself.

  Other subcategories are placed in the following order by popularity:

  - TV Channels (more than 4% users);

  - Magazines (more than 1% users);

  - Video Streaming Services (more than 0.7% users);

  - Entertainment News (more than 0.6% users);

  - Comics (more than 0.4% users);

  - Celebrities (more than 0.2% users);

  - Pop Culture (more than 0.1% users);

  - Humor (more than 0.1% users);

  - TV Shows (less than 0.1% users);

  - Memes (less than 0.1% users);

  - Tests & Quizzes (less than 0.1% users);

  - Kids TV (less than 0.1% users).

  As you can notice from the data mentioned above, Indians pay attention first to video hosting services, similar resources with online video, and TV channels among entertainment sites. Also, we should mark off attractiveness of news sites on an entertainment theme, information about celebrities, and also sites with comics for them.


Popularity Analysis of Categories Included in the Topic Entertainment


  4. Review of Subcategory Leaders Let’s distinguish leaders in each subcategory:

  - TV Channels: the site ndtv.com offers the latest news from the sphere of politics, business, public health, and others, serving as a convenient source of information. The traffic is more than 80% of the subcategory traffic on the whole that can be explained by a bright content, topical set of news, and an intention to be in the know of all the latest events.

  - Video Tubes: youtube.com is the website that doesn’t require presentation because absolutely everyone watches video at it, from this its traffic goes – more than 92% of the subcategory traffic. The portal is organized really comfortably: a big range of categories, options, and other opportunities to watch movies, video games, and subscriptions.

  - Magazines: intoday.in represents the magazine that illustrates several urgent themes at once (from business to music). The service allows reading online editions and subscribing to them for further mailing. This convenience mostly explains its leading positions (traffic – more than 80% of the subcategory traffic).

  - Video Streaming Services: the site vimeo.com is a true discovery for steamers, taking a great interest in a qualitative creation of video, its viewing, analytics, and other important parameters. Its traffic – more than 40% of subcategory traffic – is quite justified by the presented functional.

  - Entertainment News: bollywoodlife.com constitutes the site for fans of the latest chronicle, rumors, hot interviews, news, and other facts about celebrities. It’s an interesting portal with a picturesque design and bright photos. Traffic is more than 9% of subcategory traffic. We must point to a high competition for leadership in the subcategory ‘Entertainment News’ that may change at any moment.

  - Comics: the site kissmanga.com allows reading manga online in an excellent quality. We can notice anime watching, lists of presented comics, an opportunity to leave a request, and a discussion forum among other helpful functions. More than 13% of visitors of the category ‘Comics’ view it.

  - Celebrities: the website starsunfolded.com will reveal all secrets of celebrities as it contains the latest news from Hollywood and Bollywood, topical posts about stars, politics, and sport. Its traffic is more than 30% of the subcategory traffic of ‘Celebrities’.

  - Pop Culture: the resource ranker.com is created for connoisseurs of pop culture, you will find everything from the world of famous people, entertainment, sport, etc. on it. Many portal materials are based on user opinions and ratings; evidently, these are they that provide a high place in the rating. The traffic share is more than 50%.

  - Humor: 9gag.com represents is humor portal with an enormous choice of categories (football, food, auto, comics, etc.), content of which is presented in different formats: video, posts, photos that are very popular among users. Its traffic share is more than 50%.

  - TV Shows: today.com is one of the most famous TV Shows with several presenters and trending topics for discussion. The portal is very popular among users. Its traffic share is more than 20%.

  - Memes: cheezburger.com presents itself the whole network of memes from Twitter, Pinterest, Tumbler, etc. A bright presentation of materials, original sets, and urgent trends provide high traffic parameters. The traffic share is more than 35%.

  - Tests & Quizzes: videoquizhero.com offers amusing quizzes from new and top categories. A simple interface, an interesting content, and nothing extra – that is what attracts users. The traffic share is more than 40%.

  - Kids TV: disneynow.go.com shows all the coolest cartoons, TV Shows, and programs for children of different age, including such options as games and news. High website traffic is determined due to an entertaining content and a special value for young audience. Its traffic share is more than 45%.

  This research allows making the following conclusion. There are leaders in most niche subcategories, traffic of which amounts to more than 40% of the whole subcategory traffic.

  Absolute leaders here are: youtube.com (Video Tubes) – 92%, ndtv.com (TV Channels) – 80%, and intoday.in (Magazines) – 80%.

  There are no such evident niche leaders in some subcategories. They are: bollywoodlife.com (Entertainment News) – 9%, kissmanga.com (Comics) – 13%, and today.com (TV Shows) – 20%.


Review of Subcategory Leaders Lets distinguish leaders in each subcategory


  5. Role of Regional Content

  We would like to note the subcategory ‘TV Channels’ specifically, 95% of which are presented by Indian sites ndtv.com, abplive.in, and others that can be explained by interest of Hindu in local channels and television broadcasts. The same tendency is traced in subcategories ‘Magazines’ (80%) and ‘Tests & Quizzes’ (61%) where Hindu strive to use local resources again according to regional sites videoquizhero.com and intoday.in and their traffic.

  Instead, the subcategory ‘Humor’ (14%) is oriented towards external international resources such as dailyfunnyworld.com, as well as ‘Pop Culture’ (13%) where we can distinguish the service topyaps.com. We can mark out googlevideo.com in the subcategory ‘Video Tubes’ that is rather an international resource with 17% of the regional traffic and myvideotimes.com, which provides almost 100% of the regional traffic.

  Talking about subcategories ‘Celebrities’ (52%) and ‘Entertainment News’ (55%), we can notice a double correlation: on the one hand, more than a half of visitors from India prefer local sites, for example, starsunfolded.com and bollywoodlife.com, but a part of them still resorts to international services.

  Estimating the role of regional content, we can conclude that regional sites oriented towards a local audience rule in India to a greater extent. Indian nation is original and unique, not depending on world tendencies like many powers; thus, Indians prefer their content in general.

  The research made is based on data of the project, site rating, and RatRating.com. The research scope included data about more than 30,000 sites that are popular in the region India.


Role of Regional Content


  TOP 100 the best sites in the category ‘Entertainment’ for the region India are available by this link: RatRating.com.