Top 5 Reference Services to Free and Fee Translate, and More!


  It’s not a secret that fee translate is seen rather often. The point is that some services dispose of such great functions that they worth the money! Today, we would like to analyze some free and paid services for reference. They include different dictionaries, encyclopedias, search platforms, and portals of that kind which render data and actual information. Ready to get to know with service for free and fee translate? Keep reading!

  Your Helper in Translating from German

  Let’s begin our Top 5 from the resource leo.org since it constitutes an Internet-based dictionary that was initiated by the Technical University of Munich in Germany. It hosts 8 bilingual dictionaries with hyperlinks to further dictionary queries with German as a main language.

  To start with, you can translate words via its convenient browser and app versions. The dictionary features picturesque images to study them faster and in a more interesting manner. Besides, it provides helpful courses that are aimed at getting necessary language skills and improving your writing or speech. It’s noteworthy that you are able to communicate with other course students by opening the site forums.

  Get Any Data about the Person You Need!

  The 2nd position belongs to whitepages.com – the service which helps to find people, addresses, phone numbers, and more. Being an authority for a search, it provides clients with comprehensive contact information about 500 million nationwide.

  First of all, the service assists in getting data about relatives and friends. Secondly, it grants a background check search such as criminal or public records. Thirdly, the portal presents nothing else but spam and scam calls, as well as names and whole addresses. So, if you look for carrier data, maiden names, traffic records, business details, e-mail addresses, and so on, this service is just for you!

  All Synonyms and Antonyms to Words! 

  The next place is occupied by thesaurus.com. This is the world’s largest and most respected free online thesaurus. Having existed for 20 years, it has been helping millions of people to improve their English and look for synonyms or antonyms to any words you keen on.  

  At the website, everybody is able not only to make use of its main functions but also read word facts, watch video about unusual usage, etc. To add to it, the platform offers to get to know with the word of the day since it’s very comfortable to learn new words every say. Also, it provides a kind of crossword solver that will help to find missing words in puzzles, Sudoku, KenKen, and other thrilling tasks.

  Free Encyclopedia with Worldwide Access

  Here is the time for our 4th hero – the service wikipedia.com. Actually, it doesn’t require a presentation because you have most likely used it while looking for some data, facts, or interesting information.

  Thus, the service is translated into many languages in order to be available for people worldwide. Russian, English, German, Italian, French, Spanish, and so on – just choose the one you want to read in! To add to it, it grants free photos, books, training courses, its own library, a kind of guide, news, quotes, dictionary, and knowledge database. Therefore, it presents a kind of an enormous encyclopedia you can turn to just having an Internet at hand!

  Top Translation Service from Italian and French to English

  Let’s analyze our last portal – wordreference.com. It provides free online bilingual dictionaries and various tools to the world of web users. It has grown into one of the most-used services and top dictionaries for translation from English to Spanish, French, Italian, and backwards.

   Nowadays it provides meanings to all words, idioms, terms, sayings, etc. Moreover, it disposes of huge forums where people can express their ideas, ask questions, or just share their thoughts. That’s not all! Though it features fee translate, it’s really worth the money spent. For instance, French dictionary contains more than 250,000 words and doesn’t stop growing!