WhatsApp for PC and Smartphones – All Functions You Didn’t Know Before


  WhatsApp for PC and devices is a popular messenger, freeware, and cross platform for VoIP service, being used by 1 billion people in more than 180 states. Offering free and secure calling and messaging, the portal is available on all kinds of phones worldwide. It means that no third parties will get access to your data, while you can send any type of information you want: texts, photos, videos, location, documents, papers, and recorded voice calls. Therefore, it’s highly appreciated by many users, whose number has reached up to 1.39 billion with 2 pages looked through for 1 opening. As for its average visit duration, the messenger whatsapp.com shows great results as well – almost 3 minutes. That’s why we offer you to get to know with all its options and advantages if you don’t aware of them all – we are confident there are some.

  In the first place, it provides simple and reliable messaging as WhatsApp for PC and smartphones uses your Internet and doesn’t ask for any fees or charges. Thanks to a convenient group chat, everybody can keep in touch with 256 people at once. With the help of desktop and web versions, you will be able to continue your conversations by downloading the corresponding services and entering your personal data.

  In the second place, free video calls and face-to-face talks make it similar to Skype, but WhatsApp for PC and smartphones features end-to-end encryption, meaning that all your messages and calls are secured just for you. That’s why you can share your moments or files (PDF, spreadsheets, slideshows, etc.) without doubts or hesitations to be revealed. Besides, it provides an opportunity to say quick hello or record a long-lasting story in the form of a cute voice message.

  To add to it, the service offers a special business version which is also free to download and was built as business-oriented. Due to it, company owners are able to communicate with clients via comfortable tools – they are easy to install, automate, and sort.