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  Modern Age of Comics Culture – Top Websites

  Though we live in a time of changes, some things never follow the trend. For example – comics storytelling like a symbol of popular culture. That’s why RatRating has decided to ‘perpetuate’ the century with the best comics websites. The category will perfectly suit all genre fans. However, those who visit the list of the most popular comics resources will be able to look at this symbol like a specific, yet rather fascinating art form. And to compare as well, as we introduce you to the world of comics originated from different countries.

  Where Do Popular Comics Come From And Where Do They ‘Live’ Now

  If we speak about the fan army of this popular culture, we would inevitably mention the USA as a homeland of comics’ golden age. Thus, American visitors are those who demonstrate the highest rating in terms of comics websites due to this art form becoming a part of American everyday life. The creator of another popular ‘style‘, anime – Japan – has comfortably taken one more line in this rating. However, few people know its true homeland, where this art style was born. Yes, we’re talking about Europe, namely France and Great Britain. French and English visitors see anime and comics (and modern comics services) as a part of national heritage and are still passionate about them. And in some aspects their ‘bandes dessinées’ (how they call them) are very unique.

  First ‘Date’ with Top Comics Websites

  The first leader of the rating according to our team is Along with the genre diversity the visitor comes across tempting recruitment offers. And you can be pleased with the number of alternatives, from the editor to translator. We all know that the best way to immerse into something is to learn it from the inside, don’t we?

  Everything on is created for your comfortable reading. Being rather colourful it still doesn’t look annoying or ‘obtrusive’. Another bonus is the website organization. With no efforts you find the preferred series as well as the required chapter. Thus, the creators know that you’ve come for reading, not searching.

  As for, creators reject mediocrity (according to them). So the visitor can get their free app and make sure these ‘rumours’ correspond to the reality. Also it provides a ‘comfortable immersion’ to the comics websites world with the opportunity to find articles regarding genres, authors or favourite characters. ‘New settlers’ start here.

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