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  Top Free Antivirus Sites That Cannot Be Ignored!

  Virus can invoke fears among users of all ages. With our rating of the free antivirus sites, you are ‘fully armed’ to confront any cyber threat. The category peculiarity results from the high relevance irrespective of the objective of using (you can protect your workplace as well as your home computer) or format (special offers for any device, from smartphone to laptop). However, different threats have their own methods, and we used to take it into account, that is why among antivirus software resources, you will encounter a guarantee for all types of ‘emergency’.

  Perfect Virus Habitat Vulnerable to Antivirus Software Category

  You can be prone to any kind of cyber threat only if you have no Internet access. So, it’s entirely logical to see countries that are ‘Internet exposed’ among the leaders like China. Thus, we also refer to the USA. Surprisingly, Japan has joined the party. The users here just don’t have an option than to apply to free antivirus websites for security. Certainly it’s not like South Korea with Internet dependence or India having fewer reasons to follow the example. Maybe fewer requests for resources of these kind from two above-mentioned regions mean that they are just more ‘emotionally neglectful’ to threats?

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  Top 10 Free Antivirus Sites for Your Safety and Privacy!


  Is your security of high importance? Rely on that represents a unified solution for PC safety and performance. This free antivirus goes both for business and offline installations on a personal PC. With integration of award-winning antivirus engines, it provides the ultimate in protection and detection capabilities. Among its products, there’s also a premium version with data shredder, driver updater, ad blocker, etc.


  The portal might become your trustworthy companion in searching and using the Net since it safeguards from malware and phishing attempts. Its top features include typo and misclick virus protection, security check, and safer downloads. This free antivirus service supports different browsers like Firefox or Internet Explorer.


  When you require a single solution, may be your helper in everything! It’s a comprehensive protection for devices, including antivirus software and VPN. As cyber threats have evolved, the platform has done the same: password manager, ransomware protection, parental control, and more. Whatever you choose, its antivirus apps cover several devices at once.


  Other free antivirus software is that renders powerful security for a digital life. If you compare products for business and mobile phones, you will discover a free virus app, premium versions (single- and multi-device), and ultimate. The last one features Avast clean-up, SecureLine VPN, and Passwords while the second service renders free trial within a month.


  Need a world-class malware protection? The platform complies with this description, offering numerous projects for any needs. Its mobile free antivirus ensures advanced protection against spyware and thieves, ultimate version is all-in-one tune-up for a whole family, while business virus cleaner guarantees premium privacy for organizations.


  Protecting more than 110 million people all over the globe, represents a legendary security antivirus with 30-days free trial. It grants safer online banking and shopping for its Windows and business solutions. Its most popular advanced antivirus cleaner protects PC, stops hackers, keeps safe by requiring a ransom for data unlocking, and enables secure online services.


  As a leading cybersecurity service, specializes in anti malware solutions for businesses, consumers, and governments. Thanks to device-to-cloud services, a user may decide on the whole product family for all devices and from all threats called MVISION or get its total antivirus protection for users (from phones to tablets).


  The resource is nothing else but a big antivirus security portal presented in Chinese language. Sections count lots of helpful resources, forums, information, reviews, recommendations, and tops. Thus, it appears to be an interesting platform for sharing experience and receiving new knowledge on the best antivirus software.


  In addition to habitual protection against spyware and malware viruses, defends from crapware. Therefore, it removes Worms, Trojans, and others. If you choose a free version, you can count on real-time scans for all the presented viruses while its Pro app antivirus also removes them. Such safety is guaranteed 24 hours a day at any time you need it.


  Would like to get a global leader in cybersecurity & antivirus? That’s! This free antivirus was awarded 73 times for 1st places. Whereas business versions present themselves 3 solutions, depending on company size, home products differentiate in accordance with devices (from Mac to mobile antivirus). A great feature is that all data are processed and relocated in Switzerland, what ensures 100% safety.

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